Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure that is used when the pulp inside the very center of the tooth has become infected by bacteria, either because of trauma to the tooth or the development of a large cavity that has grown into the pulp.

Root canals are pretty simple to understand. Just like a filling goes into the crown of the tooth, a root canal is a filling inside the very center of the roots.  The first step is to remove all of the bacteria with special files, and then the tooth is shaped to receive a filling material. The roots are then filled with a rubber-like material which allows you to keep the tooth.

Root canals are not without side effects, though. Teeth that have undergone the procedure will often become brittle over time, and will not flex under chewing pressure like a normal tooth. For that reason, and depending on the amount of tooth structure remaining, crowns are often installed to prevent the tooth from fracturing,

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