Sealants are the greatest preventative treatment at preventing cavities on the chewing surfaces of teeth.

Because of the way that teeth are formed, the deep crevices on the chewing surface of your teeth cannot be cleaned by any conventional method.  In fact, 90% of all back teeth will get cavities in these grooves. That’s where sealants come in. A sealant is a filling material that flows into all the grooves and prevents bacteria from getting trapped in the grooves which causes decay.

After a tooth fully grows into the mouth, it takes only six months for bacteria to cause a cavity in the grooves, so time is of the essence to seal teeth most likely to develop cavities.

The best time frame to use sealants is shortly after the molars, or the very back teeth, have come in, which is between the ages of 6 and 12.  They are more often used to address the deepest grooves in the molars, but sealants can also be used with premolars, or the teeth further forward, which also have deep grooves.

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