Crowns and Bridgework


A crown is a cover that is placed over a tooth to help restore its health and proper function.  There are various reasons for a crown:


A bridge is a tooth replacement option where both teeth on either side of a missing tooth are prepared for crowns, and then a bridge, which is three crowns bonded together, is cemented onto the teeth to fill in the space of the missing tooth.  If the teeth on either side of the space need crowns, a bridge offers a solution to fill in the space.  If the teeth on either side of the space do not need crowns, however, an implant is a much better option in the long run.

Patients considering bridgework should know that a bridge has a limited life span. At 10 years, only 85% of them are still working and the other 15% of them have failed due to the fact that you cannot floss like normal because three teeth are bonded together.

Nevertheless, it is possible to floss a bridge by using a plastic floss threader to floss under the bridge from the side of the tooth. This is often time consuming, and far too many patients simply give up, which often results in cavities forming on either side of the space.  The solution? We recommend using a Waterpik as a great alternative to floss threaders, because its pulsating water jet effectively reaches under the bridge to keep the teeth clean.

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