Cavity Detection

When it comes to cavity protection, technology has significantly increased the ability of dentists to better detect and prevent cavities for their patients.

For example, traditional x-rays are the standard of care in detecting cavities that cannot be seen from the outside surface of the tooth, and work well in detecting cavities that are located in between your teeth.  A cavity located on the chewing surface of your tooth is much harder to detect at the early stages.

At Dental Perfections we also use a Diagnodent, a machine that emits a laser beam that lights up areas of the tooth where cavities are present.  We rely upon this cutting edge technology in every exam so we can discover cavities when they are small, which minimizes the size of fillings and preserves valuable tooth structure.

In addition to the above techniques, we also use a transilluminator, which is a very bright light that shines through the tooth to helps us determine if the cavity is superficial, can heal through preventative measures or requires a filling.

Preventing Cavities

The American Dental Association recommends the following guidance in preventing cavities. For more information visit

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