Q: Which Toothpaste Should I Buy?

By Dr. Cheryl Bresnahan

ToothpasteWe recommend that our patients purchase an ADA (American Dental Association) approved toothpaste.  ADA approved toothpastes have undergone extensive studies and the ADA seal will be on the outside of the box.

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We are seeing an increase in the amount of tooth structure being eroded away along the gum line and there are some good studies that have proven that a contributing factor is toothpaste even more than the hardness of the toothbrush bristles.

A simple test for you to determine if the toothpaste that you are using is too abrasive is to take some of the toothpaste and bite on it between your front teeth like  you are trying to bite a tag off between your front teeth.  If you can feel grit in the toothpaste, it is too gritty and has an increased possibility to wear your teeth away.  Some of the less gritty toothpastes available include:

I often get asked about whitening toothpastes.  If you are interested in whitening your teeth, toothpastes have very little effect at whitening them because they do not stay in contact with the teeth long enough.  Many whitening toothpastes have acidic ingredients added to them, like hydrogen peroxide & phosphoric acid that can cause sensitivity and cause the enamel to wear away.  The best way to whiten your teeth is to have it done professionally at Dental Perfections!

Dr. Cheryl Bresnahan is a licensed dentist and the founder of Dental Perfections in Whitewater, WI. If you'd like to ask her a question, please visit the Ask Dr. Cheryl section of our Web site.